Gender neutral stack bracelet to fit your style


Tiger’s eye and black agate in a perfect stretch/stack for any gender and in a variety of sizes.  Beads are 8mm.



To create this gender neutral stretch/stack bracelet I have threaded tiger’s eye and black agate beads onto strong stretch cord to fit a variety of wrists and in a combination that allows you to choose which stone you would prefer to be dominant.  The images show options where the beads are predominately tiger’s eye, but this can be changed to suit your personal preferences with the agate, or neither, being the main gemstone, please choose your preferences during checkout.

To those who practice alternative therapies tiger’s eye and black agate are believed to bring positive energies to the wearer; energies that are considered to help to bring focus and determination in tandem with peace and emotional comfort.

Other combinations can be made to order; for example, lapis lazuli and blue lace agate look well together.  Please contact me for details and prices.

Additional information

choose your variation

50/50, Mainly Black Agate, Mainly Tiger's Eye


16cm, 18cm, 20cm


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