Chakra gemstones and sterling silver



The semi-precious gemstones that make up this beautifully colourful necklace are associated with the seven chakras and it is suggested that they may help to balance the natural energies within the mind and body.

I have hand knotted the beads, in groups of five, onto pure silk beading thread, separated by larger crystal quartz beads and completed with a sterling silver hook an eye clasp.

Chakra gemstones are typically chosen according to the energies that the gemstone possesses, as well as by the colour most related to the individual chakra, and I’ve chosen my own favourite gems for this piece, which are:

Amethyst Crown Chakra
Lapis Lazuli Third Eye Chakra
Turquoise Throat Chakra
Peridot Heart Chakra
Tiger’s Eye Solar Plexus Chakra
Citrine Sacral Chakra
Garnet Root Chakra

You can find more information on chakras, including other gemstone suggestions, by clicking here.

(please note that I’ve used natural turquoise for this necklace)



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