Beauty and Style – A Modern Classic


A superb necklace of three semi-precious gemstone minerals for you to dress up any outfit.


The banded agate beads in this elegant necklace are reminiscent of the beads used in several cultures, beads which have a little part shaved off to be used in medicine.  The remaining, almost whole, bead is considered to bring beneficial energies for health and wellbeing to the wearer. I think that this is quite a lovely idea.  I have teamed these keynote beads with black onyx and silver for maximum effect and I’ve added a 13 piece fan shaped set of snowflake obsidian to create something a little bit different.

The black onyx beads were originally part of a few bits and pieces I bought at auction  They couldn’t be repaired and so I took these beads which I cleaned and polished to use with the Tibeten style DZI banded agate and the obsidian.


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